Families Have Saved Hundreds of Dollars on Heating Costs

And never have to buy fuel - wood, oil, gas, kerosene - ever again!

Featuring the most advanced technology - Proportional Wattage Output

This exclusive technology greatly increases energy savings and comfort for both permanent 240V and 120V heaters.

Hydro-Sil is designed to use only the exact amount of proportional power on an as needed basis for each room - micro-managing wattage use.

  • 25-50% on mild days, 50-75% on colder days, 75-100% on the coldest days.
  • Most of the winter averaging 25-50% for total comfort.
  • Traditional heating systems don't have proportional output. They are either 100% on or 100% off.
  • This exclusive technology greatly increases energy savings and guarantees exact comfort, i.e. A 2000 watt (8 ft.) heater may use only 500 watts to satisfy a 70° room comfort level.

What can HYDRO-SIL's NEW GENERATION of advanced low cost heating technology do for you?

What is Hydro-Sil?

Hydro-Sil is a self-contained hydronic individual room heating system that can save you hundreds of dollars in home heating costs when replacing old and inefficient ways of heating.

It has saved some families up to 50% on their heating bills in one winter.

It can replace or supplement your electric heaters and heat pumps, your oil or gas furnace, and your kerosene heaters and wood stoves.

The Hydro-Sil heating system will give you clean, safe, healthful and economical floor-to-cieling warmth. You can heat individual rooms or your entire home with permanenly installed baseboard models wired into your home's electrical system, or you can heat selected rooms with completely portable units.

How does Hydro-Sil lower your heating costs?

Inside the heater case is a sealed copper chamber filled with a harmless silicone liquid that will never spill, leak, boil or freeze. It's permanent. You will never run out. Running through the liquid is a proportional watt hydroelectric element that is only being supplied a proportional amount of power on an as-needed basis. When Hydro-Sil is turned on, the silicone liquid is quickly heated, and with its heat retention qualities, continues to heat after the Hydro element shuts off.

Hydro-Sil's room-by-room technology greatly increases energy savings and comfort.

This principle and function is similar to hot water heating, providing the same comfortable healthful benefits. However, unlike hot water heating systems, the liquid in the heater will never need replacing and will not freeze or boil.

More Efficient than other heating systems.

Hydro-Sil is 100% efficient heat. The proportional power feature greatly adds to te overall savings - most of the heating season using only 25% to 50% of the available power to maintain home comfort. Plus, Hydro-Sil's fluid has remarkable heat retention properties, creating shorter power-on periods while always maintaining even temperature levels, even after the elctricity shuts off.

Hydro-Sil is the solution to the rapidly rising cost of heating.

No Annual Maintenance.

Eliminates yearly service calls and maintenance contracts - a one time purchase that should last a lifetime!

For new homes or old.

Hydro-Sil fits right into your building, remodeling or addition plans. You don't have to give up valuable space. Baseboards install flat on floor against the wall, and can be direct-wired or plugged in.

There are millions of families that will NEVER have to buy another heating system.

Hydro-Sill represents economy in heating.

You have absolute room-by-room thermostat control with Hydro-Sil. This offers two advantages - [1] you have more control over operating costs, and [2] you have more control over room comfort.

Hydro-Sil provides a uniform floor-to-ceiling temperature. Stratification of temperatures - warm ceilings and cold floors - is eliminated. This "destratification" lets you achieve a greater degree of comfort at lower operating costs.

A quick look at the benefits of Hydro-Sil Heating

• Hydro-Sil allows you to take control over expenses and uncertain winter heating cost saving you hundereds of dollars.

• Hydro-Sil is safe and clean - no flames, no fumes or soot, no exposed element.

• Hydro-Sil is thermostatically controlled for indiviual rooms providing exact energy adnd comfort control.

• Hydro-Sil requires no annual maintenance.

• Hydro-Sil is portable (110v) or permanent (240v) - either choise saves you money for a lifetime.

• Hydro-Sil eliminates costly annual service contracts.

• Hydro-Sil eliminates the need for furnaces, ducts, chimneys, plumbing - big savings on installation costs.

• Hydro-Sil's silicone fluid never needs replacing - never freezes.

• Hydro-Sil comes pre-assembled and ready for immediate use - saving hundreds on labor costs.

• Hydro-Sil can be installed by the professional or the do-it-yourselfer.

• Hydro-Sil offers a lifetime warranty - one time purchase that will never have to be replaced.

• Hydro-Sil is perfect for new or older homes - replace or supplement existing heating.

Hydro-Sil - "An American Company"

Hydro-Sil is manufactured in modern, "state of the art" American owned factories, with world-wide sales supported by our USA, Canadian & China operations. USA Facility in South Carolina is an 800,000 sq. ft. plant that houses a research-engineering department. Over 500 highly trained employees are dedicated to making Hydro-Sil a quality product that will last a lifetime.

A Personal Commitment to quality.

Hydro-Sil heating units are constructed of the finest materials and are subjected at the factory to strict and exhaustive tests for safety and quality to ensure a lifetime of use. Hydro-Sil comes in several different heating capacities to fit any requirements you might have. You can chose the heater that is right for you.

It's clean, safe and healthful.

Fast, efficient heat transfer prevents chairing of dust particles; no blowers or drafts to pick up dirt or dust. Result: walls and everything else in your home stay cleaner longer. Heater body temperaturs are safer for children and furniture. And a built-in temperature sensing device automatically shuts off the heater if overheating should ever occur for any reason.

Only 8" high by 3-1/32" deep, heaters fit flat on the floor, flush to the wall, and permit complete freedom in arranging furniture and drapes. When draps and rods are properly installed, drapes can hang in front of the heater. Neutral off-white finish blends with all decors.

Doctors recommend the benefits of hot water heat to patients with respiratory problems. Hydro-Sil heat is never dry and controls moisture in the air.